Build a Consulting Firm That 

Earns & Serves

The Consulting Masterclass is a 4 week online live training for professionals looking to start a consultancy or expand an existing firm. Together we will build the firms of the future that change how we impact entire communities of businesses.  

Attend The Consultants Masterclass

Design a consulting firm that benefits your niche nationally. 

What You Can Expect To Implement In the Masterclass:

Licensing & Registration 

Finding Your Niche Based on Your Existing 

Skills & Knowledge 

Create Solutions Specifically For Your Niche 
Develop Win-Win Service Areas 
Develop A Competitive Pricing Structure  

Develop your consulting firm as a respected business.

What You Can Expect To Implement In the Masterclass:

Packaging your services so that they sell themselves

Developing industry connections that invest in your firm
Networking with an outcome in mind 
Developing versatile and diversified income streams for your firms

Build the front and back office of your consulting firm.

What You Can Expect To Implement In the Masterclass:

Develop proposals, policies and procedures that contribute to negotiations

Automate your front office, back office and internal functions of the firm
Implement customer management with 

returns on investment 

Implement partner and collaboration management with return on investment

Leverage your resume and know your worth.

What You Can Expect To Implement In the Masterclass:

Leverage the skills on your resume as your trade. 

Relationship Marketing that takes "Word of Mouth" 

to a new level. 

Branding your expertise and firm.  
Outsourcing, delegating and recruiting within year 1 

vs. year 5-10.

Know your lane and fill it with intentional purpose.

What You Can Expect To Implement In the Masterclass:

Understanding the benefits of independent consulting 

Understanding the benefits of a full service consultancy

Implementing a consistent work-life balance 

as a consultant 

Implementing a consistent work-life balance 


Oh Don't Forget Your Homework!

What You Can Expect To Take Away From the Masterclass:

Consulting Firm Offering Packages 

Consulting Firm Proposals 

Consulting Firm Development Database 

Consulting Firm Streamlined Sales System 

Consulting Firm Diversified Income Stream Plan 

Consulting Firm Strategic Plan 

Business Network Development Plan 

Consulting Firm Standard Operating Procedures 

Consulting Firm Delegation and Outsourcing Strategy 

Coin Strategy 

Consulting Firm Budgeting and Forecasting Strategy 

Self Care and Business Development Calendar

Masterclass Overview

Every month for the past 5 years I've been asked by a particular consultant to "teach them my ways." So here I am teaching and hoping that I can help another consultant transition from freelancer to full service firm. There is no traditional training for independent consulting, even on a general basis, so I figured its time to start it; #EntrepreneurMindset 

Attend The Consultants Masterclass

Every boss needs a boss that holds them both accountable and responsible for reaching company goals where no one else can. 

The Consultant Masterclass is the beginning of a long term process to keep your firm not only open, but earning, thriving and exceeding expectations. Here we will learn all the aspects of building a firm that performs, no matter the industry. 

However, it's up to you, the Principal Consultant, to keep the progress of the firm both a priority and in perspective for the duration of its existence in your industry. 

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