Small Business Elite Training 

Small Businesses without properly implemented internal systems can not effectively scale or sale without running into a series of problems along the way. 

The Small Business Elite Training helps small businesses clean up how the company operates and prepare them for a successful scaling journey. 

Jazzmine Nolan has strategically prepared hundreds of small businesses and nonprofits nationally for scaling into $1M-$2M+ models. Thorough attention to detail and system implementation prepares any business for selling at cost as an exit plan. 

"Lets do it right the first time shall we!" 

-Jazzmine Nolan MPA

Attend The Small Business Elite Training

Design a strategic plan you and your staff can easily implement. 

What You Can Expect To Implement in The Small Business Elite Training:

8 Point Strategic Plan Model

Locate and Implement Resources  

Locate and Implement Collaborations and Sponsors 

Identify 6 Streams of Income  
Identify Holes in Existing Day-to-Day Operations 

Develop 3 Areas of Scaling 

Outline Business Exit Plan   

Implement a Accounting System and CRM Strategy

What You Can Expect To Implement in The Small Business Elite Training:

Bookkeeping System 

Accounting System 

Compliance System 

Auditing Schedule 

CRM Integration System for all Business Functions

Information Technology Integration for all Business Functions

Internal Assessment Process 

Internal Evaluation Process 

Operations Measurement Process on CRM


Implement Your Legal System 

What You Can Expect To Implement in The Small Business Elite Training:

Contractor Contracts

Employee Contracts 

Collaboration Contracts 




Operating Agreements 

MOU's |MOA's 

Stakeholder Contracts 

Investor Contracts

Business Legal Structure For Scaling  


Automate the Rest of It! 

What You Can Expect To Implement in The Small Business Elite Training:

Marketing Strategy

Advertising Strategy 

Public Relations Strategy   

Sales | Pricing | Packaging Systems  

Human Resources Processes  

Training & Development Protocol  

Attend The Small Business Elite Training

Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Can Also Attend The Following Trainings: 

Owners In Training

Owners that have to be their entire executive team on their own need clarity on exactly what that means to do so successfully. Therefore in this training we cover and implement strategies in the following:

The activities, responsibilities and operations of a CEO

The activities, responsibilities and operations of a CFO

The activities, responsibilities and operations of a COO

The activities, responsibilities and operations of a Owner


Attend Owners In Training 

Managers In Training

Often times entrepreneurs start businesses and hire managers with the hope that they understand how to thrive in the small business ecosystem. Typically we do not have the internal capacity or infrastructure in place for managers to learn how to best do their jobs. 

Therefore, I manage your managers for you. 

Your Managers Will Learn:

Sales & Marketing Strategies 

Staff Management Strategies 

Recruiting & Retention Strategies

Operations Management Strategies  

Bookkeeping Strategies  


Attend Managers In Training 

Small Business Training Overview

Over the years I have found that small businesses are not ready for sustaining or scaling because their internal operations are not directly benefiting their bottom line. Most small businesses are operating in survival mode which actually prohibits them from being successful in their markets. Therefore we are preparing small businesses to scale and sell as an exit plan once and for all. #EntrepreneurMindset 

Everybody has to start somewhere, that does not mean we have to stay small. 

The Small Business Trainings provides the insight your small business needs to prepare for expansion while streamlining its existing business practices and planning for scaling towards your exit plan. 

Here we will learn all the aspects of implementing sound and efficient business practices into your company that will set it apart in your industry. 

However, it's up to you, the Small Business Owner, to keep the progress of the 

business a priority and in perspective for the duration of its existence. 

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