Hello, I’m Jazzmine.

My purpose and legacy is to solve

complex problems critical to the

survival of entire ecosystems with

entrepreneurial solutions. 

based in
St. Louis, MO
Principal Consultant
Jazzmine Marie Nolan

Marie Management 
Operations Management Consulting Firm

Core Values:
Economic Equality: ​Developing and expanding businesses that impact all communities nationally and internationally.
Investment: ​​Requiring our clients to contribute to the communities they profit from via their revenues through corporate responsibility programs.  ​
Philanthropy: ​Our for-profit companies develop nonprofit's, foundations, trusts or donation platforms in which entrepreneurs give 3%-10% of their annual income to a vulnerable population of their choice.

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Jazzmine Marie Nolan
Dr. Reynaldo Anderson

Dr. Reynaldo Anderson

Associate Professor of Africology and African American Studies at Temple University

Having a student become my teacher was something I should have expected from Ms. Nolan. She taught me how to convert my own ideals, work and business into a revenue generating machine for national and international business.

Yolanda Holton

Yolanda Holton

Circle of Care

I told her she could not change the organization from the inside out and to go be a consultant. She took my advice years later and is still one of the smartest people I know.

Dr. Andre Smith

Dr. Andre Smith

Associate Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Harris Stowe State University

Prior to any signs of Covid-19 she’d already converted courses to a hybrid model approach for students. Therefore the transition for students during this time was easy. She’s a tough professor but our 1st Generation students need it.

My Businesses
my Community Contributions


JMN Foundation

Since 2007, I have been investing my time and treasure into the youth of St. Louis, MO via programming, mentoring, coaching, speaking, training, facilitating, judging, serving on boards and sponsoring basic living skills costs, scholarships and business startup expenses.

Venture Capitalist

314 Venture Capital

Since 2016, I have been investing in the businesses of self-employed professionals in order to leverage their skills into businesses. These ventures gain operational structure in their businesses and an investor as a partner.

College Professor


Since 2016, I have facilitated courses and completed lecture series at HBCU’s in the areas of government, political science, entrepreneurship, urban planning, management and business.

Published Author

6 Books

Since 2016, I have been a published author of personal development, business and entrepreneur books, workbooks and curricula.



Since 2007, I have been speaking to audiences of all sizes on topics related to business, entrepreneurship, youth development and personal development as a panelist, lecturer, facilitator and keynote.


Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated

Since Fall 2018 I have been a member of my sisterhood, Sigma Gamma Rho Incorporated founded November 12, 1922 where I continue the work of my founders in the community for the benefit of the most vulnerable populations.

Academic Background


Doctorate Business
Administration NorthCentral University Spring 2023


Masters in Public Administration

Lindenwood University

Fall 2017


Bachelors of Science in Healthcare Management

Harris Stowe State University

Spring 2016

Consultant Certifications

Certified Management Consultant

Certified Franchise Consultant

Certified Nonprofit Consultant

Management Certifications

Certified Operations Manager

Certified Business Broker

Certified Commercial Loan Broker

Certified Commercial Investment Member

Certified Manager of Community Associations

Technical Skill Certifications

SHRM Senior Certified Professional

Certified Nonprofit Executive

Certified Development Executive

Certified ScrumMaster

Organizations & Memberships

The International Council of Management Consultants

International Business Brokers

The International Council of Management Consultants

Urban Land Institute

NAIOP: Commercial Real Estate Development Association

National Association of African American HR

Human Resources Professional Association

Association of Franchise Professionals

National Association of Nonprofit Organization & Execution

National Association of Black Compliance and Risk Management Professionals


Harris Stowe State University: Outstanding Alumni Leader 40 Under 40

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In 2016:
Launched my companies

Upon graduating with my masters I’d hit the ceiling of my industry and it was time to take my skill set of system development and operations mainstream. I built Marie Management with real estate investors being my first clients to allow me to build them a hybrid model. The rest has been history since 2016.

In 2015:

It was not until I graduated college that I recognized how motivating, encouraging and inspiring myself to the finish line is how I define success. I knew then that I did not go to school for a job, I finished school and everything else in my life for me.

In 2010:
Personal Development

At this point in my life I chose to stop being angry about being without and having to raise myself. I chose to teach myself how to feel at peace at all times instead of treating it like a destination. I lived and learned how to love myself beyond providing my basic needs.  

In 2007:
Graduated high school and started program + career

In-spite of my challenges, I graduated on time and as my own cheering section. I started my first salaried role at the company I interned at in high school. I started my nonprofit organization and began to contract my services for youth throughout St. Louis’s metropolitan area.

In 2005:

When I was 15 years old I began to live on my own. Independent of natural support systems and governmental influence of any kind. Navigating daily life, relatives, friends, responsibilities, school, earning an income and holding myself accountable to success was my norm. This is where advocating for myself and others became my oxygen.

Jazzmine Marie Nolan

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